Thursday, February 9, 2012

Random Thought

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Monday, August 1, 2011

I'm not in love with Judas baby!

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(If it won't play please watch the video on youtube via Vevo)

This video have too much profanity on oh so many levels. Being a 100% pure catholic, the music video is just extreme blasphemy.

I first saw the MV thru MYX, they play MV's with lyrics just below the screen so It looks like a videoke where you can sing along. I am already concerned with the title "Judas" when I heard the line "I'm in love with Judas, baby!" so I stopped what I'm doing watched the video and read what the lyrics says. I sure do want to give her the benefit of the doubt before I put on a remark.

Songwriters tend to become too emotional when they write songs, they will write anything for which they think can best describe what they've experienced, felt or even happening. The lyrics of "Judas" may mean a lot of things. It can be that Lady Gaga fell in love with someone before who betrayed her so many times yet she could still see truth between the lies. I could give many justifications of what the lyrics meant yet we do see here in the video, it's waaaaaay too far from what I understand and choose to reason myself of what it really means. Towards the end of the song you hear her say "Jesus is my virtue" Relief came after hearing her say that because it turned out, its not a praise song after all for someone who is considered a bad seed in the catholic faith.

The song itself is a hit already, why make a video out of it showing disrespect to the Catholic faith? I'm not hypocrite not to say that I enjoyed the music. It's upbeat, it even makes me want to dance. Though it oftentimes make me cringe hearing the lyrics, I said it depends on the interpretation.

There's no wrong or right here, it's just a matter of self righteousness. I guess Respect wasn't in their vocabulary at all. Whatever their reasons are, we respect your music, and your craft. That's what we Catholics are ;)

oh and btw, RICK GONZALEZ looks pretty damn hawt playing "Jesus" :)

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Twitter & All It's Perks

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Why do you use twitter? What's it for?

I can't remember when I signed up for one and why I just knew that at that time, it's what's in and that I have to have one... and so I did. As of now I already have 127 followers 90% are people who I really know and the 10% are... I don't know, but they're people too I just don't know them personally. I started blabbering and tweeting with my friends, it's like chatting but all your tweets are archived on your own profile and everybody can see it. But what really does it do for you? There's Facebook, there's Skype, and Yahoo Messenger too. I have two reason's why I use twitter. First is, It keeps me up to date, not only with the what's ups regarding our esteemed idols/celebrities and friends but more importantly with the current news. You get to receive first hand information. And when you're at work and or if you don't have tv at all you can stay tuned to twitter and won't be left out with the happenings locally and internationally. Second is, it made it easier for us to reach the glitz and the glamour, thus the celebs! I actually have no. 1 as my only reason before because I only usually tweet friends, I don't often tweet celebrities aside from mentioning them when they due credit for what they did, because...because.. I just don't. I don't have anything to say to them that is. Or let's say I haven't found the reason yet. Until last week.

It all started the week of the NBA-PBA all star weekend exhibition game. I am not an avid fan of basketball, but I know some of them players. I watch occasionally but that's it. That week I made time to watch the game, I stayed holed up in my room for them because though I may not be an avid fan I'm not stupid to not know that this is going to be a history in the making. NBA players in that caliber playing together , WOW! You only get to see them do that here! in the Philippines!!!

I remember tweeting about the game and my exact tweet was " Watching SMART ULTIMATE ALL STAR GAME and it made me think of PACIFIC RIMS by RAFE BARTHOLOMEW. -PBA" I have no idea that Mr. Rafe Bartholomew has a twitter account nor do I have the intention to catch his attention but apparently I did, because my tweet has been retweeted three times by people I don't even know but might be a fan of the book "pacific rims" as well and one of which was from Mr. Rafe Bartholomew himself! I can't express the happiness that retweet made me, it's like my heart could burst into tiny million happy faces :) It may be a simple gesture for him retweeting tweets of fans about him and his book but for me, for a fan of his, its everything! An esteemed author appreciated what I said about him that when I tweeted him back asking where he was at the moment and why he wasn't here for the ultimate game, he tweeted back saying he's currently stucked in LA and wished he could've been here instead. WOW. Just WOW. Thank you twitter!

Rafe may not be a very huge celebrity compared to A-list actors and actresses some people loved tweeting to, but for a bookworm like me, author's like rafe tweeting me back is like him signing a paperback copy of his book for me. So for anybody who doesn't have any twitter yet, now's bout the time you create yours, so what if you don't get too many followers? your idols tweets are always there to stalk to, and yes they do tweetback :)

Friday, July 29, 2011

I live to Enjoy

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“No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.”
– Lin Yutang

25 Things A Man Should Do

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THE OUTSIDER By Erwin Romulo (The Philippine Star)

Source: http://philippinestar/article/theoutsider

1. A man should do more than is expected of him (which means that sometimes this requires him to hold back and do nothing at all).

2. A man should listen to women especially on matters he knows little about. (See preceding number.)

3. A man should listen to Liz Uy, when it comes to style.

4. A man should own at least one suit (not including the one he’s married or buried in).

5. A man should be able to play at least one Eraserheads song.

6. A man should know the affairs of any country he visits if not a bit of its history. At the very least he should know who its leader is or a few phrases of the language. And, at the very, very least, its currency.

7. A man should read books by his countrymen apart from Jose Rizal. For starters, he should at least have in his library the following: Butch Dalisay’s Soledad’s Sister, Gregorio Brillantes’ On A Clear Day in November, Shortly Before the Millennium, Luis Katigbak’s Happy Endings, Angelo Lacuesta’s White Elephants, to name but a few.

8. A man should only marry for love. It will be the only thing that’ll make it worthwhile.

9. A man should know when to say something, yes; but it might be more important for him to know when to shut up.

10. A man should vote.

11. A man should know how to give a proper handshake.

12. A man should know how to throw a punch.

13. A man should know the time when he should give a handshake or throw a punch.

14. A man should own a turntable but owning one does not give him the license to be a DJ.

15. A man should not have more than two profile pictures of his face on any social networking site. If he has folders then he is not a man.

16. A man should know who Lourd de Veyra is and why he is vital to the country now.

17. A man should never dance with both his hands above his shoulders.

18. A man should own and love a dog, preferably one that no one else seems to love.

19. A man, if he does yoga or is a vegetarian, should be so quietly.

20. A man should be able to hold his drink. If not, he shouldn’t drink at all. There’s no shame in being sober.

21. A man should respect his father.

22. A man should love his mother.

23. A man should make mistakes. If he doesn’t, he is a complete failure.

24. A man should know how to be alone.

25. A man should read The Philippine STAR.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Presenting the Newest Fashion Trend!

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My first post for the year 2K11 :)

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Daddy's Bratty Little Princess have been blabbering for 4 years already!!! Horrrr-aaaaay! :)

-Yes, I've had my fair share of ad wares from here and there..

-Yes my template had been changed for more than 20x already, I even had Mr. Mando personalized me one BUT, I accidentally deleted the HTML code..

-I blogged while at work (Ssshhhhh)

-posted a few trying hard rants about something.. someone..

..oh and my blog has this title sequence before called "I am woman hear me roar!" :)

I am going to continue this "My thoughts could break into words any minute" act and hopefully be able update this blog religiously.

'til then fans! ;p

Monday, December 6, 2010

Bootleg Movies While Buried On My Bed On A Monday

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I just finished two movies today, well I guess I'm the only one who gets to wake up on a monday buried on her bed and can watch bootleg movies whenever she like, oh nah.. not something worth the envy believe me. I watched After Life first starring Christina Ricci and Justine Long It's about death and the transisition of actually accepting it and moving on...and though its creepy with the most of the scenes shot on the funeral home and the embalmers tools on close ups and all... I actually kind of enjoyed it. Might be because I'm a fan of Liam Neeson and the way he talks sorta soothes me :) I get to notice Justine Long too! I mean I 've seen him in Zack and Miri Make A Porno but this is the first time that I get to really notice him as an actor, he's an eye candy slash butterface :p and yeah Christina Ricci's too damn hawt too, showed alotta skin! Then I watched Going The Distance starring Drew Barrymore and Justing Long. Again! Too much for being such an eye candy eh? Pure coincidence promise :D Its a lovestory about two people who are trying to surpass the distance and trying to make it work despite being far away from each other. It's an "okay feel good movie" but not something I'd tag as one of my faves. The story is ok.. its "and they live happily ever after" kind of flick which is why it cannot be among the list of movies I'd say I love, because c'mon people.. how many movies do we know or have seen that actually have the same story line such as this one? And not being overly negative or anything but these scenarios in real doesn't often end up in a happily every kind of way. On the other hand it gives us hope though, gives you a positive feeling that yeah it will work. Oh well, love...not an easy feat to talk about but yeah this movie is recommended.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


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I am convinced I wont ever get this highly contagious disease, but then we cannot cease the inevitable yeah? The last time I got myself an anti-chicken pox vaccine was eons ago and though I am pretty decisive of getting one again this month, its pretty waaaaaay too late. My niece Ashley had a very high fever 3 days ago.. I thought its nothing serious though her temperature reached 40.3 already I was asked by my brother to do the water therapy on her, sponged bathed her til her temperature subsided. If I only knew that chicken pox is what's causing that high fever I would have bailed, I love Ashley but there is her Daddy and her Granny who can do that water therapy on her because they already had chicken pox before. I CANNOT have chicken pox this month, this year, EVER! Then again like I said, it's too late. I am now anticipating chicken pox. I can't wait for it to be done and over with. I realized I guess its ok at least this new year I am in, I have circle spots all over my body and maybe I'll get lucky! :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Anger. Hurt. Forgiveness.

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Forgiveness. Now I'm not even sure if that is good enough. Forgiveness will not bring back those lives lost in the hostage taking drama that transpired last
Aug. 23, 2010 at the Quirino Grandstand. But right now this is what we ask the families who's loved ones were killed by a heartless person who I believe was damaged by how dirty our society is here in the Philippines.

For someone who has watched the incident from the time it started until the last breath of the people involved, I cannot just keep silent and keep my angst to myself.I have seen them calm,watched them waving from inside the bus and seeing them drenched in blood and their lives hanging by the thread after a few hours is not easy to accept. I asked myself "WHAT WENT WRONG?"

I have been on the same situation once , me and my family were attacked in our own home by 3 holdapers, and thankfully we all survived. We were saved without the help of the police officers because like in any filipino movies they arrived late. I guess that's something we should be thakful for right? Seeing what happend at this hostage taking incident, it could have been worst.. well then yes I guess I am thankful. In the end, credit still is given to them.This made me think, how can we be safe even if there are police officers around when you saw how incompetent they are, how corrupt they are.. lack the proper equipments..trainings..and the list goes on.

I cannot explain the relief I felt after I saw the 1st hostage rescued out of the bus, it was for me a very good sign, I even thanked God for hearing my prayers hoping no one was hurt and they're all just playing dead contrary to what the bus driver said that are indeed all dead. I can still remember how my voice croaked after I shouted "Thank God they survived" not until it became "Oh no" as I'm seeing other bodies taken out of the bus, obvious of the lifeless state they're in.

I am greatly affected by this because there are a lot of "should've, could've, would've" running through my mind. Regrets mostly. It's like I want to turn back time and prevent it from having that morbid outcome or if it's really destined to happen like that, at least make our policemen known to have done the right thing and have tried their best to save the innocent people. The replay of the people still smiling on the window bus and then seeing them dead while being taken out of the bus is not easy to erase from my mind.

Somehow, I'll understand if HK nationals will divert their anger to our innocent kababayan's that are in their country. I would feel the same thing if it were to happen to me. I would accept the fact that it's accident but I won't be able to accept how the police handled the scenario. Like now for instance, I am not a HK national nor do I have a kapamilya on the bus but I'm very disappointed and it left a big scar to my heart.

If other countries were to attack us without the help of our allies, we are nothing! Our policemen tortures criminals without due process of law, Our army helicopters
kills our own soldiers ( how many of it crashed because its too old and rusty?), Our lawmakers are the first to commit unlawful acts, our country is so messy that
saying "hang in there philippines" is such a cliche already. We are hopeful but I believe our hope is never gonna turn into reality.

I hope this serves as an eye opener to everyone. Like what Mendoza said:


true enough let me just rephrase it for the years to come


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Jamie loves HIMYM :)

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I'm in love with Neil Patrick Harris!

I'm so stupid not to watch "How I Met Your Mother" when friends kept telling me before that I should.

Oh wait, is it with NPH that I'm really in love with or with Barney Stinson?
I go for both!! They're both AWE-wait for it-SOME! :)) *fist bump*

Saturday, July 31, 2010

I cooked Spaghetti and it was Deee-wait for it-Lightfuuul :)

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I cooked Spaghetti for no apparent occassion. I cooked spaghetti because I miss my cousins. I cooked spaghetti so they will have a reason to come visit us at home. It costs us bucks but nothing compares to having a quality time with your family especially on a Saturday when everybody is present. My mom I were at Makro last Thursday because its time to do some grocery shopping again when I thought of buying ingredients for Spaghetti, it was initially a refrigerated cake that I wanted to make so I'll have something to nibble on it the wee hours of the morning when sleep don't come easy but mom wont agree to my capriciousness so I told her I'll cook spaghetti instead and invite the whole family over for a merienda, that made her agree. So a while ago everybody was here.. laptops scattered everywhere.. speed stackers,pogs and shakedown played simultaneously, tv's balring videoke's and abs cbn.. it was chaos.. but it was good chaos. Among my spaghetti were, garlic breads, pizza and ice cream. We even had to extend, from merienda to dinner. It was really tiring for the host but everything was worth it. I wouldn't trade having a family gathering like this for anything. Till next time I get pumped up cooking something again :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A love letter to my iPod

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Dear My iPod,

I am so glad to have finally have you and meet you. Truthfully I have never been a huge fan of yours but still you found your way to be w/ me. Am I really that important? I guess it's not about you now yeah? It really was about me. Anyway, after days of being w/ u I found out you were not that bad but I wont take back the day when I chose Mr. PSP over you. He was much helluva hotter than you. But yes I agree, you got your own charms my man, and now I can't seem to have a time apart w/ u, Its like I always have this urge of always feeding you w/ songs I know you would like to sync youself into and have myself drowned by them too. Yes..yes.. I'm over Mr. PSP but he still lingers somewhere. I loved him before I love you now and more. I promise I'm yours forever until you get virus and give your last breath. I can't promise I won't drop you or have your body scratched, but I will take care of you at its best. I Initially want your brother iPod touch but I guess my financial status isn't enough to be w/ him for now. You'll do for now..hey don't be so mean and call me a b*tch I just thought you'd appreciate honesty...and you're the 5th generation of your kind..the latest..I guess I should be proud of that. I thank the person who gave you to me still I wished she could have given me your brother. I'm looking forward to the days of being w/ u. Make me happy. Make my life dandy.

Forever yours,
*******Mrs. iPod Nanobita :)


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Truth is..I am MEAN way back..and still is NOW and I guess beyond :D

Jepy strikes again

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Jepy: Bawal na daw ang mga bumbay tuwing Wednesday sa Maynila.

Me: Oh? Bakit? Anong nangyari? Si Noy ba may pakana nyan? Bakit Wednesday lang??? As in??

Jepy: Basta.. bawal na daw..

Me: tsk! bakit naman ganun? (still waiting for the punchline)

*jepy must have seen how worried the look on my face was (I'm a good acctress) kaya...*

Jepy: Eh kasi 5,6!

Me: Ha?

Jepy: Coding! 5,6! Wednesday. Kaya bawal na!

Me: nyeta! *batok*

Jepy: I know such a racist joke huh?

Me: Buti alam mo, Ipagbawal ka sana sa buong pilipinas. Che!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

desktop gadget

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I just downloaded a desktop gadget for my Windows 7. Just tryna see how its gonna work. Sweet.

Crappy I-net :(

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I haven't blogged about anything for the past couple of weeks..yeah make that months and believe me I did try. I was hoping I could come up w/ something funny but I guess I'm one of those people who gets in the mood first before they pour out whatever they need and want to pour out on their cyber diaries. I'm not actually in the mood now but I'm kind of waiting for something, so to pass up time I decided to just blabber about anything I can think of as I wait. Wanna know what I'm waiting for? Well I'ts this game in facebook called FRONTIERVILLE.. Its taking forever to load, I'm blaming my crappy connection and I'm letting this one go because it' rarely happens. I think I've religiously played almost all the games in facebook (well not really "ALL" but I kinda have to stick to the word because I can't keep up w/ all of them! That's how plenty these games I've been playing for like I dunno..) So yeah I'm still up @ 1:37 AM beause I'm playing. Sweet. Nah I don Have to hurry and wake up before mr. sun shows up. I am still living la dolce vita.(I'm not porud of it okay!) I really want to go do some white collar job again.. I had this one great opportunity I was sorry I let go because I became this egosome bitch. I can't stomach to squeal what happened because I'm still feeling sorry for myself. I will one of these days (when mr. mood is ready) Apparently the games still not loading after how many minutes I've been trying to come up w/ some rubbish to write..I'm taking it as a sign that I have to sleep aside from the creepy noise (footsteps) I just heard upstairs who hopefully is not a ghost (I'm not afraid of you casper!) Too much for being not in the mood yeah? and really I think I'd be sleeping beside jepy tonight.. nah I'm not afraid! wheredya even got that idea? :D

Friday, May 7, 2010

Free Ebooks

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-The Love at Stake Series by Kerrelyn Sparks-

How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire
Love at Stake Series Book One

Vamps and the City
Love at Stake Series Book Two

Sugarplums and Scandal Love at Stake Novella "A Very Vampy Christmas"

Be Still My Vampire Heart Love at Stake Series Book Three

The Undead Next Door Love at Stake Series Book Four

All I Want For Christmas Is A Vampire
Love at Stake Series Book Five

Secret Life Of A Vampire Love at Stake Series Book Six

Forbidden Nights With a Vampire
Love at Stake Series Book Seven

The Vampire and the Virgin
Love at Stake Series Book Eight

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Summer!

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My favorite time of the year is already here and though I didn't really want to press release it, I will be booked solid :)) I will be spending most of April-May on the beach to soak up the sun. This April I will bring my officemates again to Sibale and come end of May I will be treated by Simon love in Pagudpud (Yey!) I decided not to have a birthday party on my birthday as long as there's a cake ( a birthday is not a birthday without a cake! ) I told myself that it's time for a change since I'm not getting any younger. I will be traveling to different places this Summer and I can't wait for that moment to come. Will share stories and update you of my sweet escapes :)).. Pray everything will go as planned.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Free Dance Vancouver Olympics 2010

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Team Canada's Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir gave me goosebumps on their free dance performance which eventually gave them what they came for in the olympics - GOLD! I was very lucky I was able to switch the channel to solar sports in time of their dance and witness how spectacular the performance was. I'm looking for clips of the dance so I can show you but I can't find any yet. I've checked out youtube and to no avail. I have been an avid fan of figure skating and could watch it for hours. I have my faves like Scott Hamilton who always make me clap my hands massively after every back flip he does on ice and as well as Kristi Yamaguchi who's performance is always heartfelt. Will Tessa and Scott be part of stars on ice too? I hope so. After they stop competing of course :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

how i survived the v-day

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Thank You :D

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Dreamers

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Here are your Presidentiables: Villar-tondo boy; Noynoy-mama's boy; Gibo-lover boy; Erap-kanto boy; Gordon-amboy; Eddie V-altar boy; and Jamby-if I were a ***...LMFAO ^_^

Last song syndrome plus picture ^_^

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NAKALIGO KA NA BA SA DAGAT NG BASURA... and the song goes on.. this picture reminds me so much of pareng Manny Villar's Infomercial..

Tunay ka bang isa sa amin? :D

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pink's Performance on the Grammys

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I was wowed by Pink's perfomance on the Grammy's! If I may qoute simon "Ang porma! Its breathtaking at nakakalula,at ang ganda pa ng song" the song is entitled "Glitter in the air" btw. I loveeeet! Only Pink can pull it off, her vocals...its very consistent which make her a pop star that can really sing. Here's the video If you haven't seen it yet.Please enjoy it as much as we did!

The Sims 3

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Dahil may bago na akong laptop (dahil ninakaw ng mga holdaper ang luma ko) eh super atat na akong mag laro ng The Sims 3. I wanna experience playing God again! The only prob is wala akong cds :( I bet It'll cost plenty of bucks, matagal ng na i-launch ito pero cgrdo hndi pa bumababa ang value. Whats the use of pirated cds? I know some place I can grab a copy kahit wala munang mga expansion packs kaso lang, another problem is wala pa akong budget. I'm not sure kung 100php pa rin per cd sana, sana, sana! Sana isa sa inyo meron nito para pwede pahiram nlang? :D mas tipid un eh, ung The Sims 2 ko hindi ibinalik ng humiram.. akala nya nakalimutan ko na :( haaaay.. tiis muna ako play ng kahit anong interactive games sa fb ma divert lang ang craving...

J.D Salinger

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R.I.P Mr. J.D Salinger

I am forever a fan of catcher in the rye, I enjoyed the time I spent with Holden and I feel for him deeply. No I wont be a murderer promise :D

Plastic lang yung iba jan, kung kelan namatay saka nagka interes basahin ung libro nya, hmp. Hindi nyo mahihiram to bahala kayo..

Saturday, February 6, 2010

para kang ewan

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at para sa mga taong naka asa kay pareng GOOGLE :D

He who must not be named: Jam, alam mo ba kung kelan naging kami ni . . . .

Jam: Aba malay ko! Jowa mo hindi mo alam?! Ano ba yan. . .

He who must not be named: (>.<) (sabay talikod at humarap sa computer, nagbukas ng new window IE7)

Jam: Hoy!!! Hindi mo ma gogoogle ang sagot! Leche!

blog ur sleep away (-.-)Zzz

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Its 2:45 AM already and I still can't sleep might be because I had a power nap that allowed me to sleep more than whats acceptable. I went on a gig last night and went home around 4am so I did have an excuse why I didn't haul my ass of my bed early. I already posted 2 blogs as of tonight and I promise this would be the last, for tonight that is :) A lot of things happend that I wasn't able to whine about here in my blog, like how we were attacked in our own home by 3 holdapers and how we all survived scratch free, how I finally after 2 years resigned from my job, how I spent a very splendid xmas vacation in Singapore and how I experienced halad again after 8 years.Don't get too excited... I plan to share all of it but not tonight, Mr. Sun will be up soon and I am also trying my best not to go back to being the nocturnal that I am. I will have a lot of free time later, we'll talk again by then. :)

Thank you my dear PAL prens :D

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priority talaga 'day? CYEMPRE!
kaya nga puring-puri ko din ang inyong mga piloto eh, chos! Dapat nga ni priority nyo na din tong hand carried bags ko eh without the excess baggage fee ^.^
I love you my dear PAL prens :D

My year. My rules. My Life

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No more sulking kuting. This is your year thus, you and I are gonna have an awesome 2K10, Yey! Enough of the drama.. be sad today then be happy in the morrow (that's the plan)

I have better things to do than worry about you!


Meow ^_^

Friday, February 5, 2010

just when I needed it the most

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Jepy and I switched phones today... he's been nagging me for ages and I finally gave in, which I hope I didn't because just in time when bem and I's convo got pretty interesting already it died out on me.. and it isn't just a power source issue, I tried to charge it but it wont really turn itself on. I did everything I can..well just the basic trouble shooting steps I've learned from dell like power cycle it.. but its still the same. Jepy Bem is sick btw and I'm playing nurse (tehee) and how I am supposed to keep an eye on my patient when you're phone's busted. Being away from each other is already too much, not having the means to keep the communication open is worse :(

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A repost

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A post by a friend of mine na super natuwa ako:

minsan feeling mo hndi ka appreciated, mdlas sad pero u dont have a choice u just have to let it go, at ang pinkmgandang gwin? smile, kc hindi umiikot ang mundo para sau, pwede kang magkulong s kwarto at maginarte hanggat gusto mo, pero cno ba ang talo? matitis mo ba n kinabuksan pagpasok mo, eh ang panget mo?

Friday, December 4, 2009

21 days to go and its xmas :)

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I am listening to abs-cbn's station id theme song called "Star ng pasko" and I love its beat and the lyrics... I really am wishing my daddy will be home for xmas.

come sing with me :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I dont care eh eh eh eh

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I have had things go on in my PAST that I am not proud of, some people I've let down..most of them I've disappointed..Looking back, I know despite everything I tried to live my life well. It just pains me to think how people could judge you without even looking at their own mess first how they could treat you so badly without giving you the benefit of the doubt and most of all it stings greatly when its your own family. I didn't voice out any of my sentiments before for I was young and naive and a part of me screams its ok, for I deserve it for the things I did. but then if you really care about me and as a family you could have told me in a way that I would be able to justify my actions. I am now having second thoughts if its still ok to smile when I'm in front of them though its been years since it happened. I'm still sore with the whole idea but then what matters is I am who I am and if you can't accept it then don't. I DON'T care.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


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I am now a certified MELASON fan!
I soooo love the both of them. There was never an episode that I didn't go laughing my ass off!

Go! Team Melason :-)

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"Ang buhay sa Cotabato parang manok lang"

- mama

Every time I tell my mom that I want to go back to Cotabato she always reminds me this, and its undeniably true.

I first heard of the MAGUINDANAO MASSACRE from Bem and I wasn't aware how morbid it was. I wasn't shocked... kasi death, war, bombings in mindanao are like always on the newspapers... like there's nothing new but then when my friend Simon sent me a link: the incident and after I watched the news, ANG BIGAT LANG SA DIBDIB! Like how could someone be so monstrous and do something like that. Tao yan! may pamilya... Its so agonizing to think how many innocent lives were lost all because somebody is so desperate to the extent that we have this now as a result..I condemn you power-hungry people. Lets just hope and pray that justice be served so that all of you may rot in hell.

Friday, November 20, 2009

asar talo ako

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Super nakakainis yung mga taong hindi man lang marunong mag flush ng toilet sa mga public restrooms! Lalo na pag binigyan mo ng benefit of the doubt na baka naman sira ung flush pero nung ikaw na gumamit ayos naman pala! Grrrr.. tapos sa toilet pa itinapon ung tissue.. Inconvenience kaya sa mga susunod na gagamit.. Sa susunod wala na ko palalampasin.. away kung away… kainis..

Saturday, November 14, 2009

bawal ma in-love nakamamatay

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Friday, November 13, 2009

" Sometimes love comes around and when it knocks you down it better be worth the fall"

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" Sometimes love comes around and when it knocks you down it better be worth the fall"

Have you guys asked for something but when it was given to realized parang may mali sa ibinigay sayo? like you have no doubt its the answer to what you were asking for but it feels soooo dang wrong?

Bakit pa ibibigay sayo kung mali naman pala? Sabi nga nila God answers all our prayers in a way that is best for us.

I'm sooo trying to sweet lemon everything right now. Sana hindi. Oo hindi -- practicing the law of attraction.

I'm not making sense no? kasi ayaw ko.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Kuta wato Experience

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My trip to cotabato was really amusing.. mom and i had to leave 4 hours early to the airport because no one would drive us there.. its a weekday and that means work for jepy and school for dadi jim because of my nieces. So we tried a work around and decided to leave 5ish when our flight was really at 10:05AM that way dadi jim can still drive us and would also be able to drive the kids to school we he gets back. I insisted that we ride cebu pacific though we really are a die hard PAL people only because I wanted to experience the new and controversial terminal 3. I was excited really I thought 4 hours of waiting is tolerable since I assumed that its gonna be wifi free...unfortunately since its new its still kind of bare.. and so I was deprived of wifi, facebook and my blog. I centered my attention into the fast food chains inside, chose a jabee for breakfast and realized that relatives sending their family off can enter the in the canteen and be with their loved ones who are leaving up until the boarding gates. I spent the remaining hours listening to music, taking pictures, solving sodoku, coffee...more coffee and being the occasional mean girl that I am did some orc and douchebag hunting-oh how I love it! Alas! came 9:35 our boarding time , I was then hungry "again" and so I looked forward to the merienda that is to be served on air...The trolly of food pushed by miss stewardess came and I enthusiastically claimed I want the nissin cup noodles and beef to be exact, after serving me she blurted out "It's only 50 pesos ma'am" so thats why the airfare is cheaper than PAL...unlike with PAL they served meriendas for free. We landed past noon, my Aunt Elsa, Uncle Erning and Atty. Chua a family friend fetched us from the airport. From the airport it would take us 1 hour of travel from Cotabato City to Libungan which is our hometown. We traveled with animated stories of the past since I spent like 4 of the 23 years of my life in this place. Not much has changed...I haven't visited this town for 6 years and saw only a little improvement. What changed most is my grandparent's house...stood there is not the house I once lived in and had a happy as well as painful childhood. It had been a busy house considering that its also a gasoline station- a business that had been my granpapa's which my dad latter pursued, a legacy I guess that for him he must continue...6 years ago I can still remember how I would help our gasoline boys refill cars, lawins, habal-habal, multicabs, trucks, and tricycles during peak hours, would be the one to refill bottles of kerosene for the farmers who buys it for only 2 pesos half bottle and would add some more for free feeling a sense of satisfaction that at least that would give them additional 2 days of light thinking as well that our business can spare a loss of 2 pesos lol...if not I would be behind the counter as cashier. I even experienced climbing a tanker inspecting if its full and got the correct order. 6 years after the place turned into ruins. Right now I can't help but remember the old days and feel very nostalgic. We went there because there's a piece of dad's land that Flying V wants to lease. We had it fenced to ready it of the construction if everything will push through.. that is if the proposal will be of my parents approval because it can be owned by us in the near future if we want to.. So here we go again a gasoline station. This would also be a very good reason for us to have our own house there...yes...I do want us to have a house there because I plan to visit anytime..often! I was able to bring officemates to my mom's hometown and when we already have our own place at libungan I'll definitely bring them there too.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

leaving on a jet plane

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I'm gonna hop on a plane to "Stone Fort" (sosyal) a.k.a KUTA WATO on wed!
I am excited though I'll only be seeing lots of palayans, bukid, tanke de gera, soldiers and all LOL
I'll also be seeing my relatives on my papi's side.. pray everything will be ok =)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Spreading the GLEE

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I love it! Lets all spread the GLEE

Friday, October 9, 2009

The Secret

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I was on my way to Manila to see my uncle earlier today and anticipating traffic I singled out a book from my not so arranged book case before I leave something that would keep me occupied while traveling to Buendia. Some of the books there were those I have read tons of times already …some were from my dad which I haven’t had the opportunity to read yet and some were my mom’s mostly mystery books. Yes it’s kind of deposited in one place temporarily because… we’re in the process of locating the best bookshelves in the entire Philippines where we can situate our esteemed collections ΓΌ

I happen to choose this book called “THE SECRET” I swear I’ve had it for a year already…It was given by my dad… he tends to buy books that are bestsellers even if he doesn’t really read that much, well that actually changed, he’s a bookworm now something he acquired after he married my mom... he’d usually arrive with a box full of books …need not to ask who’s it for…he’ll pass it on to me and my mom as he knew we are 100X a booklover than he is…

The book was really good…The message it wants to convey is very simple…I was trying to visualize while I was reading that the people who were giving their testimonials were actually speaking directly at me… I can envisage their hands moving while they emphasize something important… how they look at you straight in the eye that yes… its true…if you do it. I really find it interesting to listen to lectures… I heard it was made into a movie already and I have to grab a copy soon.

I am enthusiastic to practice the law of attraction… and without anything to attest yet whether it is indeed accurate.. I believe like begets like… that’s why we should always be positive and always think of happy thoughts…

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Time Traveler's Wife Ebook

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Free Ebook!!!!

click here!

Happy Reading!

Kite Runner Ebook

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Free Ebook!!!!
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Happy Reading!

brotherly love

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Brotherly Love
Today I spent the holiday at Alabang Town Center with my brother Jeff. It wasn’t what we planned to do or of anyone else especially on a holiday, but we had to. Yesterday we bought phones as a replacement to those we lost from holdapers who attacked us in our own home a couple of weeks ago (so yeah we already have up-to-the-minute cell phones u can obtain from us. Again) and unfortunately upon getting acquainted with our new phones Jeff realized his was defective… not absolutely but yeah one of the phone’s speaker is not operational. Too late were already home, so much for being so keyed up about being back to the bandwagon, to the cyber world of texting.

As we were traveling to Alabang, I wasn’t able to keep myself from thinking how significantly my life will change if ever Jeff gets married. We’ve always been very close. And he influenced me greatly in a lot of ways. He had always been there for me though we do fight a lot =) we have 5 years of age gap but that didn’t stop us from sharing friends. It always amazed me how he allows me to hang out with him, may it be on his gigs or just plain inuman sessions with his barkada. Not all brothers and sisters hang out like that. It makes my heart swell. He’s proud of me. … That’s why his friends are my friends. His friends are already our family’s friends too.

Worrying about being single doesn’t trouble me that much. I haven’t been in a serious relationship for a long time now and I’m content. I am happy and loving the solitude I have. Why? I don’t really know. Mom told me maybe because I went into a relationship early so now I’m taking things slow. Right it might be… but I have a diverse opinion though .Even if I’ve been single for how many years now, I don’t feel entirely alone. I can say I am well loved and taken care of. If I wanna hit the mall for girly stuffs my mom always and never tires of accompanying me. I always tell her she’s my best friend. If I want to watch a new flick my brother’s always there to be my movie buddy plus her girlfriend tags along most of the time which is much more fun, or if I need someone to come pick me up after a gimik he would be there. They were able to supply same things other people can provide which left me contented.

I was once asked that since Jeff is already 28 would we already allow him to settle down. I would say sure it’s about the right time… my two nieces and bro would be migrating to Canada soon and it would be too lonely if we don’t have any kids running around the house… but who’s kidding who? I’m not ready. Not yet. Who would I call if I want to watch a movie? Who would I bully into tagging along with me whenever I’m hungry to grab a midnight snack at burger machine? Who would I ask to drive me to wherever the gimik is at? Who would I bully into lending me money when times get tough even if I have to pay it double? Who would protect me?

Should I now be worried? I guess so…yeah… But those worries I’d rather take care of when it already needs taking care of. What’s important is now.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

how could you mrs. president?

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Grabe! I have never been this agitated towards our President until I read about her, indulging in some fancy restaurant in big apple with her entourage spending nearing a million pesos for dinner. 1 million para sa isang kainan lang? That's full of crap right? I've lost all shreds of respect left for our president. This an eye opener - a very clear one ng kawalan ng respeto niya sa atin, sa mga naghihirap kumayod sa araw-araw para may makain.. I've lost count of the anomalies that have emerged under her presidency. I am really disappointed becuase instead of cleaning up her acts theres no effort at all to win back the peoples confidence.This made think she might have something planned why she's fearless of these stunts. Is it CHA-CHA? I for one will go to the streets for it not to happen. It should not be blamed on the type of government we have,we should blame the people holding the positions- BLAME HER! At ano? si Congressman daw ang nagbayad? Sinong tarantado ang maniniwala dun? Sino ba tong Cong. na to at napaka yaman naman..sabihin man nating totoo, wala kayang strings attached un? who in their sane minds would spend a million worth of food for people you're not even really that closed with who may be in time eh pwede mo din makalaban sa politika? Hindi man taya nabawasan ng million who knows sa pabor na maaring kapalit nito eh mas sobra pa ang mawala na dapat ay para sa atin. I bet Malacanang will cook up a new story para matabunan na ang issue na ito.. you wait and see till the people reached their saturation point, I am excited to be part of yet another revolution.

Wedding March

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I want a church wedding like this! Unique and so much fun! Only if catholic church will allow it =) a girl can dream can't she?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

slumming in HONG KONG

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Oh well.. didn't I mention we'll be going to HK? so yeah im here already.. and yes i know i know.. u might be asking what the hell i'm dong online when I could've been shopping downtown.. I've been asking myslef that question tooo! blame it on the weatherman! dang.. Its raining HAPPILY here! and our hotel, though is super duper awesome is not located in downtown and we need to take MTR or expensive cab to get there. 3 days is not enough.. especially for me who happens to be always lazy susan.. actually today's my flight at 3PM and i just happen to pass by this free net in our hotels lobby and thought why not update you guys first before i grab a coffee and puff my winston lights outside. (wintson coz its cheap!) and I'll be grabbing a mcdonalds meal as well which happens to be my breakfast for 3 days now =D btw disneyland is just the bongga version of enchanted. *sigh* to be continued..

Saturday, April 18, 2009


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3 words, 8 letters.. say it and I'm yours. =(

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